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Your favorite local stores may now offer same-day & next-day deliveries from

Local Same-Day & Next-Day Delivery from USPS

USPS Connect® Local service offers expected same-day and next-day delivery1 in select ZIP Codes. We've teamed up with some of your favorite local stores to have essentials delivered right to your door.


Mama Moore's Gourmet Popcorn logo

Mama Moore's Gourmet Popcorn

Debra Moore, owner of Mama Moore's Gourmet Popcorn in Grand Prairie, Texas, uses USPS Connect Local delivery for affordable same-day and next-day shipping to make sure her local customers get fresh popcorn, fast.

Nanilee's logo


We are an Awareness and Apparel business who support many causes that are affecting our communities.

The Cheese Shop logo
The Cheese Shop

All the fancy snacks and drinks you need in an insulated picnic basket with a wood serving board.

La Rx Pharmacy logo

La Rx Pharmacy

La Rx Pharmacy, with locations on the East and West side of Houston, uses USPS Connect Local delivery to quickly deliver prescriptions, medical equipment, quality community care, and peace of mind.

MSCEE Fountain of You logo

MSCEE Fountain of You

Our skin and hair care products line has 20 years of industry experience and draws from manufacturers and chemists with over 50 years of cosmetic preparation knowledge to bring you the most unique formulations in the market.

brazen by nature logo
Brazen by Nature

Setting the new standard of candle home decor with ultimate quality, luxurious scents, self-care, and expression.

Sir Hemp Co. logo

Sir Hemp Co.

We are invested in creating the best CBD experience for our customers.

Lion Rush Coffee logo

Lion Rush Coffee

Small Batch, Specialty Coffee Roaster—Lion Rush Coffee is not your average coffee roaster, and these are not your average coffee beans. We craft each bag to deliver a cup so sublime that it stands alone—no need for additives.

Summer Escape Collection logo

Summer Escape Collection

We are a Black-owned online fashion boutique, based out of Tempe, that was created with love. You will find high-quality, trendy apparel, swimwear, shoes, accessories, and more.

Newark Tees Printing Co. logo

Newark Tees Printing Co.

Newark Tees Printing Company is a New Jersey-based screen printing and embroidery shop that makes it simple for companies, schools, and organizations to order custom apparel.

Proforma Colorwheel logo

Proforma Colorwheel

Branded Promotional Products and Apparel

Reselling Indiana logo

Reselling Indiana

Online store offering primarily used merchandise.

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Benefits of Shopping with USPS Connect
Local Delivery

Support Local Businesses

Shop local and help the small business in your community thrive.

Fast Local Delivery1

Place your orders online, and the store will submit your items to USPS for delivery as soon as same-day or next-day.

Would you like to offer low-cost, same-day or next-day local shipping to your customers?

Online ordering and fast delivery time is an expectation of consumers nationwide. Position your business for success by using the USPS Connect Local program to maximize your delivery services. Visit USPS Connect Local for Business to learn more. To see when the service is available in your area, visit

1. Store participation in USPS Connect Local requires agreement to program terms and entry of packages and mail close to final destination. Same-day delivery is expected but not guaranteed and may not be available at all locations. Next-day delivery may be impacted by holidays and availability of Sunday delivery. When Sunday delivery is available there is an additional fee for USPS Connect Local shipping services. Sunday delivery is not available for USPS Connect Local Mail services. Additional restrictions may apply. Back ^