Repositionable Sticky Notes Vendors & Materials

Send direct marketing mail about charity drives, contest giveaways, and more using repositionable notes, also known as sticky notes. Your customers can peel and post these eye-catching notes anywhere in their home or office as a reminder to act on your message.

Generate a Response

Make your mailpiece memorable and actionable by attaching marketing messages to the outside of your envelope.

Highlight Your Message

Improve open-and-read rates by calling attention to your product, service, phone number, website, or reply method.

Find Vendors & Materials

If you're ready for the power of repositionable sticky notes, browse these third-party vendors and find the right one for your marketing campaign.

Materials & Material Vendors

Repositionable notes material is available through the following authorized vendors. The approved materials can be used by fulfillment mail houses, converters, and mail preparation companies.

Repositionable Notes Mailing Standards & Characteristics

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3 Sigma

3 Sigma logo

50# Yellow RPN with REP10 adhesive
50# White RPN with REP10 adhesive
50# Blue RPN with REP10 adhesive
55# Semi-gloss face stock with REP 10 adhesive

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Canary yellow material 70-0708-7103-Y
White material 70-0708-7103-6-W

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NAStar logo

Product Name - Yellow
EYX5060 Uncoated Yellow 50# Liner
EYX4050 Uncoated Yellow 40# Liner
SWYX20P Uncoated Yellow Linerless

Product Name – Gloss White
AX5050P Gloss White 50# Liner
AX4050P Gloss White 40# Liner
SWAX24P High Gloss Linerless

Product Name – DASH Adhesive Pattern
BXE5063 DASH Gloss White 50# Liner
EYXE5063 DASH Uncoated Yellow 50# Liner
SWBXE24 DASH Gloss White Linerless

Product Name – DOT* Adhesive Pattern
BX5061 DOT Gloss White 50# Liner
EYX5061 DOT Uncoated Yellow 50# Liner
* U.S. Patent 8, 163, 365 B2, "Repositionable Labels using DOT Patterned Adhesive"

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PCI Paper Conversion

PCI Paper Conversions logo

RPN White 50#
RPN Yellow 50#

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Technicote logo

# 78290 Solar yellow label/TM-55

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Wausau Coated Products

Wausau Coated Products logo

W005893, 50# White HS Uncoated
/ R7152 Pattern / 42# SC

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