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Manage your mailing experience electronically, all in one place.
The PostalOne!® system offers a Web-based alternative to existing manual mailing processes with an electronic suite of services designed exclusively for business mailers. It is an information management system that sets the foundation for a seamless acceptance mailing process. The system provides an electronic linkage between a customer’s mailing information and Postal Service business mail acceptance and induction processes. This collaboration will give customers a streamlined process for mail entry, payment, tracking and reporting.
PostalOne! Services & Features
Manage Mailing Activity
Audit Mailing Activity
Manage Electronic Verification Activity (eVS)
Manage Electronic Return Activity (PRS)

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Electronic Data Exchange
There are three methods that allow you to submit postage statements electronically:

Postal Wizard®

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Guides & Tools
Access current Program Guides and Release Notes.
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Transportation Management System
The PostalOne! Transportation Management system features advanced surface and air transportation assignments to route mailings through the most expeditious methods available.
PostalOne! Postage Payment Account
PostalOne! Postage Payment Account is an electronic postage payment system that eliminates the need to maintain separate trust accounts at each Post Office™.
e-VS (Electronic Verification System)
e-VS allows high-volume package mailers and package consolidators to document and pay postage, including special service fees, using electronic manifest files.
Automated Drop Shipment Scheduling Services
PostalOne! Automated Drop Shipment Scheduling Services are automated, near-real-time scheduling services that eliminate the need for manual drop shipment appointment requests, and allow customers to manage and report on appointment data using the FAST website.
Customer Label Distribution System (CLDS)
The Customer Label Distribution System (CLDS) is an online alternative to the existing manual label order process, offering a suite of electronic services designed exclusively for business mailers. With CLDS you can: Order Bulk, Collated, or DMM label orders from the Topeka LPC; Create and save orders to save time; Track the status of your label orders; Manage your account; and Modify and edit Collated orders that are in process.